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Executive Diploma in NGO Management
Awarded by: University of Turku, Finland
Duration: 8 months part-time
Teacher Student Ratio-1 to 20

Course Overview

The Executive Diploma in NGO Management programme is targeted to and tailored for NGO managers and experts in Asia. It is offered in Singapore and contains a one-week study tour to Finland, Turku, hosted by the University of Turku. The programme delivery arrangements are flexible and particularly suited to the requirements of participants in full-time careers.

The programme will introduce you to management theory as well as national and international practices of managing NGO´s. You will have the opportunity to connect these considerations with your own experiences. Through dialogue and sharing ideas and information, you will broaden your knowledge, improve your skills and develop as professional. In addition, a Project Work component provides you an opportunity to develop your future-oriented strategic leadership skills.

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Special Features

Programme includes unique possibilities for international and intercultural experiences:

  • Case studies on Nordic NGO systems and organisations

  • Field trip to Finland with visits to NGOs and three modules at Turku School of Economics at the University of Turku

  • Examples of innovations in NGOs and international benchmarks of NGOs

  • Practical assignments on global citizenship and cultural awareness in managing NGOs

Structure and Focus Area

The structure of Programme is based on four specific and unique focus areas:

  • Foresight and visionary leadership;

  • Organisational excellence;

  • Innovative organisation; and

  • Personal growth.


These perspectives are employed to create an executive programme with a balanced mix of latest academic knowledge, practical competence, real-world cases, organisation visits and development projects that benefit the organisation.


The Programme emphasizes personal development that begins with acknowledging and appreciating one’s own potential and qualities as a leader. The journey far starts from near.


For the Participant

  • Become a visionary leader who is future-oriented, capable of foresight, strategic thinking, and transformative leadership, and who can stimulate and inspire others.

  • Gain strong and current knowledge on relevant areas of NGO excellence, as well as the ability to operationalise this knowledge in a global NGO operations environment.

  • Learn to recognise and exploit the opportunities in different NGO contexts and in searching for innovation, renewal, and growth.

  • Develop as a person in the areas of critical thinking, communication skills and network thinking.

For the Organisation

  • Future-oriented leader with enhanced management competencies

  • Widening future perspectives resulting in future-oriented project report for the organisation

  • Analysis of development possibilities and needs in the organisation

  • Assignments providing practical ideas and solutions

  • Up-to-date practices, knowledge, and expertise that benefit the entire organisation

Studying in the Programme

  • The learning in the Programme includes interactive lecturing, group work, workshops, cases, debates, and visits to reading material, assignments, virtual learning and project work completed by company visits and corporate speakers.

  • The versatile personal and team assignments included in the Programme ensure that the knowledge and skills acquired through the Programme are instantly applied for the benefit of the student’s organisation.

  • The participants are invited to bring up reflections of the current state of their organisational affairs and personal leadership issues for peer discussions.

Course Curriculum

  1. Future Landscape of NGO’s

  2. Strategy and Foresight

  3. Managing Change

  4. Accounting and Finance

  5. Managing the Strategic Journey

  6. Renewal and Growth

Turku modular structure chart.jpg

Admission Requirements

The Executive Diploma in NGO Management is for executives, managers, specialists and entrepreneurs who have:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent knowlegde (in case of equivalent knowledge the applicant´s track record and management experience will be evaluated)

  • Minimum of 5 years of work experience in a managerial position

  • Good command of both written and spoken English

  • Motivation to commit to the studies

  • Desire to learn and develop

Registration & Enquiries

Please contact Joseph Loy at tel: +65 6363 0330 or email: Alternatively, you can register your interest in studying the Executive Diploma in NGO Management here.

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