Master of Education

Mental Health and Counselling

Awarded by: National Chi Nan University, Taiwan









(一) 目标:

  • 培育心理健康与咨商辅导专业人才。

  • 发展心理健康与咨商辅导成为学术专业研究领域。

  • 针对多元族群提供有效的心理健康与咨商辅导机制。

  • 配合本校创校宗旨,建构在地化与国际化的辅导模式。


(二) 发展方向:

  • 配合教育部学术国际化之要求,藉此机会拓展本校与国际接轨之机会。

  • 藉此境外硕士专班之设置,深入心理健康与咨商辅导理论与实务之实践。










  1. 中学在新加坡就读者,检附中四会考华文核定成绩C6以上。

  2. 其他东南亚国家就学者,检附修读华文证明。

  3. 曾在台湾或中国就学者,检附学历证明



1. Course Overview

The Master of Education offered by the National Chi Nan University in Taiwan will focus on mental health and counselling. The programme provides the participant with an understanding of psychology in different fields, as well as counselling skills and technical expertise. The programme provides the participant with strategies to resolve different issues in one’s daily life from different perspectives.


A student taking the Master of Education is required to complete 36 credits. Curriculum design includes core courses and professional courses. The former includes Theory and Techniques of Counselling, Project Planning and Proposal Writing, Research Methods, Group Guidance, Counselling Internships, and Thesis. The latter includes Seminar on Addiction Behavior, Abnormal Psychology, Personality Development and Guidance, Psychological Assessment, Marriage and Family, and Seminar on Occupational Health Psychology.

This Master of Education emphasizes the training of theory and practice, and takes into account multiculturalism. Its objectives and development directions are as follows:​


2. Objectives & Direction of Development



  • Foster professionals in mental health and counselling.

  • Develop mental health and counselling to become an academic and professional research field.

  • Provide effective mental health and counselling mechanisms for multicultural groups.

  • Construct a local and international model in line with UCNU’s mission statement.

Direction of development:

  • Meet the requirements of the Ministry of Education (Taiwan) for academic internationalization, we will expand NCNU’s opportunities for international integration.

  • Deepen the theory and practice of mental health and counselling by the establishment of the Singapore master's degree program.

  • Strengthen the exchange of international talents made NCNU the leading position in promoting NCNU's professional development abroad.

3. Programme Features

The focus of this Master of Education is on mental health and counselling. In recent years, the concept and development of counselling has become the central point for the planning of national mental health in developed countries and the focus of mental health and counselling in multicultural groups.

The curriculum planning is mainly divided into core compulsory courses for 18 credits and professional courses for 18 credits. The curriculum planning features five characteristics-professional, special, academic, interdisciplinary and international.

4. Schedule

  1. Each course has a bearing of 3 credits and each credit is 18 hours. The total number of hours per course is 54 hours.

  2. Most of the courses will be taught over the weekend as most of the lecturers are based in Taiwan.

  3. The practicum will be supported by Singapore lecturers during the weekdays for internship supervision and consultation.

  4. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the lessons will be delivered online for the first semester.

5. Chinese Language Proficiency

  1. Singapore applicant will need to have a minimum grade of C6 in Chinese taken at the GCE ‘O’ Level Examination or its equivalent.

  2. South East Asian applicant will need to produce documentary proof of a pass in Chinese in their previous course of study.

  3. An applicant who have studied in People’s Republic of China or Taiwan will need to produce documentary proof of study.

6. Registration

  1. The admission guide is ready to be downloaded at this link. The registration period is from 31 May 2021 to 18 June 2021. The registration details will be made available soon.

  2. Currently, the applicant can submit the necessary documents for verification and taking an oral examination conducted by the university.



  1. NCNU认可的学士学位或同等学历;

  2. NCNU认可的至少一年相关全职专业经验;

  3. 必须持新加坡或其他国籍护照

  4. 中华人民共和国(PRC)的学历為台湾教育部认可的大学。请在此处下载大陸地區大學及高等教育機構認可名冊:https://bit.ly/2Uh2j4W

Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission to this programme, an applicant must have:

  1. A bachelor's degree, or an equivalent qualification, as recognised by NCNU;

  2. At least one year of relevant full-time professional experience, as recognised by NCNU; and

  3. Must be a holder of Singapore passport or other nationalities

  4. The academic qualifications from People’s Republic of China (PRC) should be issued by universities recognised by the Taiwan’s Ministry of Education. Please download the recognised list of PRC universities here: https://bit.ly/2Uh2j4W


Click on the videos below for more information and hear from the graduates of the programme

Registration & Enquiries

Application is now open for the 2021 cohort. Please click here for the course schedule, fees and application procedures.

Please contact Joseph Loy at tel: +65 6363 0330 or email: info@cavenagh.institute. Alternatively, you can register your interest in studying the Master of Education here.