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About the University

Established in central Taiwan in 1995, National Chi Nan University (NCNU) is tasked with both securing the inheritance of classical Chinese culture and cultivating a new generation of global-minded professionals through the colleges of humanities, management, science and technology, and education.

Under the leadership of NCNU President Oliver Yulong Su, 20 task units comprising nearly 700 faculty members are steadily transforming NCNU into central Taiwan’s foremost cradle of humanistic, insightful, and passion-driven research and education.


An average of 6,500 students enrol each year to pursue degrees from a selection of 20 undergraduate, 26 postgraduate, and 15 doctoral programs. After 23 years of operations, NCNU now has a 200,000-strong alumni network that is putting down roots in different fields and regions across the world.

Straddling rural, urban, and indigenous communities, NCNU espouses diverse cultures and lifestyles. Proximity to top Taiwanese sightseeing destinations such as Sun-Moon Lake and Mount Hehuan has also helped NCNU develop advantages in tourism and marketing, water sports, social participation, and community empowerment. With roots growing ever deep through regional networks, NCNU seeks to also continue expanding its global partnerships, with a special focus on the talents and opportunities in Southeast Asia.

A partner to 102 overseas and 44 Chinese academic institutes, NCNU hosts an average of 800 international students every year who come to study from its 160 language courses. NCNU also has one of the most comprehensive programs for training talents for the Southeast Asian markets.

NCNU is embarking on a five-year plan to embrace innovative teaching, public and community services, and social responsibilities. With the support of the Ministry of Education, the goals are to bolster the quality and sustainable management of Taiwan’s higher education.

NCNU ranks 7th nationwide for the rate of employment of its new graduates, who receive an average starting salary of NT$30,000. Around 206 students pass civil service exams or are certified every year, and the university faculty hold 9th place for their contributions to international academic publications and scientific research.

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