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About Cavenagh Institute

Founded in 2017, Cavenagh Institute brings to Asia exciting and niche quality academic programmes from top institutions around the world. A myriad of courses offering degrees, post-graduate studies will be offered to local learners keen on deepening their skills and maximizing their potential. Beyond educational academic programmes, specialized programmes in NGO management, counselling and other fields identified to have a need for quality professional development will also be brought in to supplement the needs of an ever-changing global landscape.

Mission Statement

Providing a common platform for both learners and educators to collaborate and provide relevant education in a modern globalised world.


Vision Statement:

A forward-looking institution, providing global learning and recognition.



Learn, Teach, Lead



  • Cavenagh Institute programmes are carried out in accordance with our commitment to provide quality education that will enable learners to develop their maximum potential.

  • Learning and research are at the heart of all that we do, and we value academic programmes that are inclusive and sustainable.

  • Cavenagh Institute is dedicated to sharing our expertise with learners and partners as widely as possible.

  • Our staff and partners are our greatest assets. Our staff and partners take responsibility for delivering consistently high standards and believe that well managed institutions, good support and training for learners and educators will provide the basis for excellence.



  • Process: We expose learners to a diverse and tailored curriculum which encompasses global issues relevant to modern society in order to gain fresh insights and see things from a fresh perspective yet at the same time, ensuring that no students are left behind.

  • Nature: We help learners cultivate important intellectual habits – openness, levels of ideation, autonomy and expertise – together with exploratory behaviour that promotes effective thinking and develops a higher cognitive aptitude. We inspire intrinsic curiosity through a holistic environment so that both learners and researchers will be motivated to acquire knowledge and continue pushing the frontiers of educational pedagogy.

  • Place: We provide mentally challenging curricula in a nurturing and holistic environment to maximise every learner’s potential – flourishing and skilled trainers, cutting edge technology, the latest curriculum development and access to resources.

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